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The Indian Journal of Social, Preventive and Rehabilitative Oncology is an open access, peer-reviewed quarterly electronic journal publishing papers in all areas of cancer control. This journal primarily reports and stimulates new avenues of investigation into the causes, control, and subsequent prevention of cancer. By drawing together related information published currently in a diverse range of biological and medical journals, it has a multidisciplinary and multinational approach. 

Although scope of this journal is wide-ranging: including descriptive, analytical and molecular epidemiology; experimental and clinical histopathology/biology of preneoplasias and early neoplasias; assessment of risk and beneficial factors; experimental and clinical trials of primary preventive measures/agents; screening approaches and secondary prevention; clinical epidemiology; and all aspects of cancer prevention education. All of the papers published are freely available as pdf files downloadable from www.ijspro.com directly or obtainable from the first authors. 

IJSPRO publishes Original Articles, Reviews, Case reflection, Event reflection, Commentaries, Opinions, Short Communications and Letters to the Editor which will have direct relevance to researchers and practitioners working in epidemiology, medical statistics, cancer biology, health education, medical economics and related fields. The journal also contains significant information for government agencies concerned with cancer research, control and policy. 

Articles featured include reports of original results of educational research, as well as discussions of current problems and techniques in cancer education. Manuscripts are welcome on such subjects as educational methods, instruments, and program evaluation. Suitable topics include teaching of basic science aspects of cancer; the assessment of attitudes toward cancer patient management; the teaching of diagnostic skills relevant to cancer; the evaluation of undergraduate, postgraduate, or continuing education programs; and articles about all aspects of cancer education from prevention to palliative care. 

We encourage contributions to a special column called Reflections; these articles should relate to the human aspects of dealing with cancer, cancer patients, and their families and finding meaning and support in these efforts. 

Letters to the Editor (600 words or less) dealing with published articles or matters of current interest are also invited. 

Also featured are commentary; book and media reviews; and announcements of educational programs, fellowships, and grants. 

The emphasis is on speed of publication. The journal will normally publish within 30 to 60 days of acceptance of manuscripts. 

Readership: Physicians, health professionals, professors, students, and others sharing an interest in cancer education.